How long is the warranty?

All OneOdio or EKSA headphones are sold with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. 

When does the warranty start?

Factory and legal warranty always starts from the purchase date, your invoice is directly your warranty certificate and the date on the invoice indicates the start date of your warranty period.

But wait, there are warranty conditions

You can invoke the warranty if a product does not work properly and / or there is a defect that arose through no fault of your own. 

It is important that the article is used and handled according to the instructions. If this is clearly not the case, OneOdio Nederland cannot provide any warranty.

For the complete legal context and details please check to the Terms & Conditions.

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EKSA E 400 koptelefoon

Do you have a problem with a product we sold?

Please contact us. We like nothing more than to see you satisfied and would like to see if we can come up with a suitable solution for your problem, even if this is after the warranty period.